Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love Tacos!!

I love tacos!! Not only is that a true statement but it's also the name of a new restaurant on pines blvd and 178 street. This restaurant brought back so many memories for me, not because I've been there before but because growing up my stepfather loved to find little Mexican mom and pop restaurants and try them out. Unfortunately, he's no longer here to try them out with us, but I know he would have loved this one. For drinks they have your regular stuff but they also have orchata and jarritos, which are traditional Hispanic drinks. My mom had the orchata and loved it. Next was appetizer. We order the queso fundido, which is a big bowl of melted cheese topped with ground beef and served with tortillas. If you like cheese, this is the way to go. We also got to try their nachos, which were loaded with onions, tomatoes, beans, ground beef, cheese sauce, and crumbled cheese on top. Now the only reason why we got these was because the hubby ordered a steak and they had run out of steaks so the chef sent us the nachos, and we were glad we got to try them because they were very good. I ordered the wet burrito for my entree and my husband ordered a grilled chicken with sauteed onions which came with a side of rice beans and a side taco. The food tasted authentic and fresh and definitely not like a chain restaurant. I can't wait to go back and try some of their other dishes. The service was great, as you can see they even sent over free food for not having an entree that wasn't even on their menu, and we didn't make a big stink about it or anything, but besides the free food, they were very attentive and always coming around making sure we had everything we needed. And if you are wondering about prices, don't worry they are very reasonable, we spent about $50 for 4 people with appetizers, entrees, and dessert. 
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